Tool Variety #2

More than a year later, I’m getting back to this blog with a similar post about the variety of tools I’ve been working with. As a review of my progress, I’ll go through some of the tools I referenced last year’s post. Then I’ll talk about some new stuff.

  • PHP – It’s fine. Symfony and WordPress are fine. I can’t really bring myself to get excited about them. Maybe it’s just the general public bias against PHP?
  • C# – I don’t have as many excuses to use C# as I would like. I’m still working on a Unity game. ASP.NET MVC did great on the recent round of web framework benchmarks. I should do some experimentation with the new .NET Core 2.1 release.
  • Ruby – I still do a lot of Ruby at work and home. Whenever I need to spin up a project quickly, I reach for Ruby on Rails.
  • JavaScript(TypeScript) – I told myself I really should focus on NodeJS, but it can be frustrating. TypeScript helps a little, but also introduces some complexity. You kind of get hit with the best and worst of both worlds(static vs. dynamic typing).

I’ve also worked with Ansible and Docker. Docker wasn’t as convenient for development as I thought it would be, but the whole containerization concept has some great applications. Ansible is also a great thing to know. I have some playbooks for setting up a dev server and app deployments at work.

This year I’ll still be using PHP, Ruby, and JavaScript at work. We’ve introduced React into a couple apps now, which is fun. I personally prefer Vue, but I think React is a better choice for our team. I’m planning to build some more projects in Ruby and C# at home. I’m also getting more curious about the whole Java/Kotlin ecosystem. And even if I do mobile development with C# tools, it wouldn’t hurt to learn more Java.

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