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I’m not sure exactly how many times I’ve tried to start up a new blog, but here’s one more. Back to pretty much where I started, on WordPress.

I need to find some time to play Dark Souls 3. I spent way too long in the tutorial area trying to figure out parry timing. I got pretty comfortable with it in Dark Souls, but I guess it was a bit easier. I took a few tries to get the uchigatana, but I ended up going back to the handaxe and shield.

I’ve been watching the Super Best Friends play Yakuza 0, which is really entertaining. Probably better to watch than play, actually. I may decide to pick up a a PS4 at some point, but I have to decide whether to shell out for the Pro version or pick up the older one at about half the price. I guess it depends when the PS5 is planned to come out.

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